Among those of us who follow horse color research, the reaction to the new test for Splash White is curiosity about what the results will tell us about what is and what is not Splash White and by extension, the group of patterns collectively known as sabino.

One of the most helpful things will be the ability to see the range for each of the genes. How much white can a horse with one copy of SW1 have? How do they look different from a horse with two copies, if in fact that look different at all? Can a horse have one of each type, and if so what does that look like?

To help figure those things out, I thought it would be useful to set up a page with photos of tested horses, and the results. WordPress allows me to add permanent “pages” to the blog, which is what I have done. You can find this by looking at the top header (white letters on green) that says “The Splash White Project”. So far I have included my own mare, whose test was submitted the other day. I have another horse that I plan to collect hairs from today for submission, and once that is done he’ll go up  there, too. I’ll keep track of Pending and Tested Horses. For the moment, I’ll be including horses that test negative, too. Sometimes that tells us as much as the ones that test for a color! If space becomes an issue, I can always archive horses to the website.

What I need is participants! The more horses and results we assemble, the more insight we can gain. So please, if you have sent a horse for testing, reply in the comments or send me an email (contact is to the right on this page). I’ll post as many as people will submit. And feel free to spread the word, if you are involved in a breed where testing is being done. I’d love to hear from anyone with a tested horse.

(Pictured is the kind of horse that would be helpful to test. She is marked with a fairly narrow blaze and three small socks. Her left eye has a small blue sector, though there have been horses marked like this with two dark eyes that have produced wildly marked splash whites.)