I want to thank everyone who has shared their testing results this last week. Results have been coming in, and new horses are being sent for testing. Meanwhile, I have been slowly updating the lists on the Splash Project Page as I get the information. You’ll see a lot of horses have been added, including homozygous, heterozygous and negative tests. The only thing we are missing at this point is any horses that have tested for SW2 or SW3, so those remain a mystery for the moment.

There are still more results to add, and still more horses with pending tests. As some of you are aware, I was called home to Alabama for a family emergency. That means my ability to post pictures will be somewhat limited until I return home. When I get back, I will add those and get back to some of the unfinished blog posts on non-splash topics.  (If you have a horse on that Splash Project Page without a photograph, but want one included, just send me a message. I do not post photos on this blog without specific permission, but I never turn down someone who will allow me to use a picture!)